Skip the line the next time you get some of that sweet Dairy Depot ice cream.

I made my first trip of the season to Dairy Depot Thursday night. I needed to make sure I picked up some grasshopper ice cream before they switched flavors on Friday. I love Dairy Depot. I've been going there for about 30 years, maybe longer. In the past the only complaints I've had were A) long lines and B) it was cash only.

They've solved both those problems.

You can now order ahead on their website and skip the line when you walk up and they now accept credit cards.

It'll be Labor Day before you know it and Dairy Depot will be closed. Take full advantage of one of the best local shops in town and get some of that top-notch ice cream.

BONUS: My official top 3 flavors at Dairy Depot.

1. Blue Moon

2. Grasshopper

3. Butter Pecan

Dead last. Peach (Nothing against them, I just don't like peach)

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