It seems like everyday we find a new reason to like every single member of the Cubs. 

This time it was the catchers making some young fan's day.

I can't really make it out but it looks like Montero, Contreras and maybe a bullpen catcher having a good time with a fan in Cincinnati.

If we're being honest here the most impressive part of the video was the strikes the young fan was firing back at the players. I'm positive I would have air-mailed more than one of those back to the field.

I will readily admit that I am supremely biased in this statement but here you go: This Cubs team is the most likable championship team in sports history. There are no bad guys (as far as the general media is concerned) on the roster. They dipped their toes in the "bad guy" market last year when they signed a domestic abuser that fired a gun past his girlfriend's head in Aroldis Chapman. That was basically a half season rental that may or may not have helped them win the World Series. The rest of the team? Pretty much choirboys.

It's a good time to be a Cubs fan. Savor every minute of it.

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