It's not hard to find a shamrock and it's not hard to find good corned beef and cabbage, either. Here are some Rockford spots serving the Irish-American tradition. 

Rockford's Irish heritage shines bright (or green) around St. Patrick's Day with an Irish Marching Society parade, plenty of green beer, and corned beef and cabbage.

Did you know corned beef and cabbage is not actually derived from Ireland? In short, Irish immigrants began eating the dish because it reminded them of home. Thus, the tradition of eating corned beef and cabbage became in America. You can learn more about it here.

If you've never  had corned beef and cabbage many will tell you it's either incredibly delicious or as bland as a blank canvas. Luckily for Rockford there are some good corned beef and cabbage dishes to be devoured around town. Here are a few of those locations.

Where is your favorite place to get corned beef and cabbage around Rockford? Fill in your answer below.

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