It's been five days since we lost lost 49 beautiful souls in a senseless attack in an LGBT nightclub in Orlando and still, I'm left speechless. Sure, I can donate blood, attend a vigil or pray for the victims and their families but what if I just can't find the words?

Personally, with my own struggles and tragedies in life, I find the most comfort in a peaceful; warm embrace. No words, simply because you can't understand them as I weep uncontrollably, just being close to someone or something; preferably my dog, Pip.

Think of what happens when you see a dog, any dog; they instantly bring a smile to your face- even if you're having a good day. With their puppy dog eyes, wagging tail and stinky breath kisses; they will win your love and affection every time.

And that's the great thing about dogs, they unconditionally return that love and affection- no questions asked. (yes, I know dogs can't talk)

Kye, a comfort dog from Belvidere, is one of 12 dogs that are visiting with the Orlando shooting survivors, their families and anyone who needs help healing and dealing with this terrible tragedy.  According to WIFR, Kye has already met with victims, first responders and made an appearance at a memorial.