The Facebook post shows something that the public doesn't see very often, but police everywhere deal with on a regular basis.

People are seeing it now, as the post from the Clinton County Sheriff's Office has now been shared thousands of times. It shows officers making the best out of a terrible situation, and paying out of their own pockets to do it.

Dan Travous, acting chief deputy of the Clinton County Sheriff's Office in Carlyle:

I don't write this to toot our own horn, but to try and show what sheriff offices and police departments all over the country do every day. The national press would rather fixate on the negative. I'm here to tell you, 99.9% of sheriff's deputies and police officers, are just like Detective McClaren, Deputy Davis and Correctional Officer Litteken. They chose a profession and have given their hearts to help and serve their communities every day!!!

Correctional deputy Kristal Litteken had heard they brought a boy in from a bad situation that morning. She said when she saw him his clothes smelled, they looked about three days old and he didn’t have any clean diapers.

According to reports, Deputy Litteken then hopped in the car and headed for a local Walmart, where she bought diapers, wipes, a few pairs of clothes, socks, a winter coat and a truck to cheer him up.

After getting the child cleaned up and calmed down, the boy climbed into the lap of Detective McClaren for cartoons and a little snooze.

You won't see this picked up by many (there have been a few) major news media outlets, because it just doesn't fit the narrative that they've worked so hard to push, but it's important to know that cops, firefighters, and other emergency and first-responders do this sort of thing far more often than we realize.

I'm grateful that they're on the job and doing what they do.


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