A tweet from a Rockford resident has us wondering if life is truly stranger than fiction.

Garnerthered on Twitter shared this late last night:

The tweet was referring to a house that was at 1260 North Main Street in Rockford.

In case you missed it, that particular home on Main Street, according to WREX, has a history dating back to 1862, saying the home was a "hospital for Camp Fuller during the Civil War."

When the Civil War came to an end, it was then converted back to a residence, and "one of the oldest homes in Rockford."

Now it's gone and there isn't much that we can do about it. Let just hope it doesn't turn into a pit like in Parks & Rec. We don't want Andy to fall in and break his legs.

Joke aside, part of Rockford's rich history are beautiful one-of-a-kind homes. If you know of an abandoned home in Rockford that might have historical value, please contact the Rockford Historic Preservation Commission.

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