Manager meltdowns are some of the funniest things in all of sports. 

This one comes from the Chicago Dogs in the (checks internet) American Association. They play their home games in Rosemont. Unfortunately, for their home fans in Rosemont, they didn't get to see this meltdown in person since it was on the road.

I've seen a lot of manager meltdowns in my day but this one was a first.

Stealing a base has been done in the big leagues. Most notably, and hilariously, by Lloyd Mclendon of the Pirates back in 2001. This one is good, you're going to want to take a look.

My sneaky favorite part of this video is when Lloyd remembers that he has to give his lineup card to his assistant so he chucks the base down the stairs and then hands it over. Hilarious.


This Chicago Dogs manager has a similar idea. He steals third and then gives it to a young fan. What a day for that youngster huh? One minute you're eating Dippin Dots (the ice cream of the future) the next minute some grizzled vet who knows more swear words than you know actual words hands you a real base from a real game. Incredible.


Just a reminder to support your local minor league baseball team. You never know what will happen.


While we're here talking about minor league ejections, you should take a look at my favorite of all time. The language is NSFW but this might be worth getting fired over. Wally Backman is the GOAT!

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