After you watch the video you'll be glad you didn't have to do whatever this poor student was trying to do during gym class.

According to Mashable, "Giselle Blancas tweeted a video of herself climbing a staircase created out of dozens of milk crates."

You know though that the video wouldn't be any good if it ended with Blancas, a student a Curie High School in Chicago, just running up the milk crate staircase, right?

Blancas instead ran up two maybe two and a half steps before going head first into the rest of the crates.

Thankfully, Blancas was wearing a helmet or she would have injured more than just her pride.

It looks like Blancas is taking it all in stride and is being a pretty great sport about the whole hilarious incident. She's been retweeting many of the funny responses she's been getting from her friends on Twitter.

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