A group of hooligans robbed a car and saved a dog's life earlier this week. 

This video uploaded by YouTuber Johnny Major shows a man park his pick up in front of a security camera and get out. He leaves the windows rolled up and his dog inside. If you remember correctly it was oppressively hot earlier this week, already 80 degrees by morning.  I'm not sure how dense you have to be in this day and age to leave your dog in a hot car but this idiot pulled it off.

Shortly after, 4 guys come walking down the street. They are obviously peering into other parked cars looking for something to steal. When they come across the pick up they see a laptop in the passenger's seat. One man takes a rock, breaks the window, and grabs the laptop. They never seem to even notice the dog.

An HOUR later the owner returns to the car to find his window smashed, laptop stolen, and his dog alive. The beautiful dog (german shepherd I believe) hops out and lies down on the ground. I don't personally believe in Karma but this guy got exactly what he deserved.

Way to go criminals!!