Santa in the house! It all starts on tomorrow, Friday November 11 at 6 p.m.

There's also an impressive advancement for all those that dread waiting in line for Santa. You know, that 20-30 sometimes 60 minute wait in order for your kids to get the chance to tell "The Big Guy" everything they were dreaming of for Christmas?

That's gone now. CherryVale is offering guests an opportunity to purchase a "Fast Pass" that will enable families to get to the front of the line and avoid the wait.

CherryVale Mall Introduces A Quicker Way To Meet Santa Claus
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Think of it like the "Speed Pass" that you can buy at Six Flags in order to help you avoid long lines.

This time, it's not a long line at a roller coaster, just a long line to see Santa. Skip the painful wait and pick up a "Fast Pass" on CherryVale Mall website.

As a Dad of three young kids, a "Fast Pass" from CherryVale Mall is high on my Christmas wish list.

Santa will set up shop at Center Court of the mall, this Friday through Christmas Eve.

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