Maybe, just maybe you've grown tired of doing your family's Thanksgiving Day turkey the same way year in and year out. "Buy it, thaw it, prep it, roast it, and then serve it" is still the way most of us prefer to go, but if you're open-minded and experimental, there are other ways to go about it.

One of the ways you can change things up a bit would be brining. My wife Amy started brining our turkeys after we watched Alton Brown demonstrate how to do it on "Good Eats." It's surprisingly easy, and for my money (literally and figuratively) produces the tenderest, most delicious turkey I've ever had. Here's how to brine your bird.

Other options include, but are not limited to (I've linked to recipes):

Braised Turkey

Grilled Turkey

Smoked Turkey

Beer Can Turkey

Spatchcocked Turkey-That's right "spatchcocked." Here's what it is:

Turkey Stuffed with or into Other Birds (also known as "Turducken")

Stewed Turkey

Sous Vide (or, "Water Bath" Turkey)

Dehydrated Turkey (or, "Turkey Jerky")

And finally, many people's favorite alternative to roasting...

Deep Fried Turkey

The problem with deep fried turkey isn't really the turkey--it's the people preparing it:

However, it's not just the deep fried birds that can cause a "Thanksgiving Fail"