We've all heard "If you can't do the time, don't do the crime," but with this Wisconsin criminal it should be amended to "If you can't do the CRIME, don't do the crime."

The Menomonee Falls Police in Wisconsin are currently looking for this guy that tried to rob a jewelry store earlier this week. The bad news is that he is still on the lamb, the good news is that other than some broken glass, he didn't get away with anything.

Take a look at this attempted robbery:

Seriously, how do you not break some glass with a brick? His mechanics were decent with the brick but then he didn't follow through on ANY of his throws. Any top-tier athlete will tell you that what you do after your actions are just as important as your prep leading up to the action.

If you want to break that glass, you have to WANT to break that glass. This guy is obviously missing that "dawg" in him. Just doesn't want it enough.

I, personally, have never committed any sort of grand theft. When I was 8-years-old I stole a piece of salt water taffy out of a huge barrel from a shop in the Kansas City Airport. I did not get caught but the shame has, obviously, stayed with me for 3+ decades.

That's why I can't understand why you would be ready to commit a crime that will land you in jail if you get caught but don't have enough energy to actually go through with the crime.

Possibly he read all the stories from Chicago about criminals being let out with no bail and that gave him the confidence to rob a jewelry store? And then he gets run out of the store by a small lady with a stick? I'll say it again, this guy just doesn't have that dawg in him.

Who knows. But if you do happen to recognize this miscreant, the Menomonee Falls would like a little help.

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