If you want to learn more about marijuana, the 2020 Illinois Cannabis Convention is a good place to start.

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There Are Stereotypes For People Who Use Marijuana

When it comes to people who smoke pot, there are definitely stereotypes. They're considered "Stoners," who have no motivation that just sit around all day watching cartoons and eating snacks. It couldn't be farther from the truth. People from all walks of life and backgrounds use cannabis for many different reasons including health and wellness.


Legal Recreation Marijuana In Illinois Has Broken The Stereotypes

I believe since legal recreational marijuana has become so successful in Illinois by generating millions of dollars, the stereotypes have finally been broken. I'm sorry but a bunch of "Stoners" couldn't have pulled that off.

Federal and State Marijuana Laws and money
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Learn More About Weed At The Illinois Cannabis Convention

There is a lot more to marijuana than just getting high and eating a whole lot of pizza. That is what the Illinois Cannabis Convention is here for. To teach residents about weed and all the benefits and opportunities it has to offer.


According to necann.com, 

"NECANN prides itself on creating events that cover every facet of the industry, including Infused Products, Inventory Tracking, Legal Resources, Licensing Services, Medical Resources, Smoking, vaping, and dabbing accessories, POS & Management Software, Private Equity & Investment Resources, Training & Education, Security Services & Equipment, Testing & Lab Services, Tinctures, Salves, & Topicals, Accounting, Insurance, Marketing, Banking, Payment Processing, Botanicals, Patient Advocacy, Diversity & Inclusion, Storage, Packaging, Dosing Equipment, Patient Education, Medical Experts, Displays & Fixtures, Grow Lights, Hemp Industry, Hydroponics & Cultivation Products, and many more!"


"If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind opportunity to share your expertise, passion, and approach for the cannabis industry, whether it be through vending, guest speaking, or investing, NECANN would be happy to have you join us!"


"NECANN has been developing engaging conventions for the Cannabis industry since 2014,  expanding market opportunities for businesses, entrepreneurs, investors, educators, patients, advocates, and consumers."



This year's Illinois Cannabis Convention is on June 10th and 11th at the McCormick Place Lakeside Center in Chicago. For more info, HERE.

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