(Warning: Video contains some NSFW language)

Mistake number one was jerking around a pizza delivery guy over a few bucks and then stiffing him on the tip.

Mistake number two was recording yourself and your coworkers being complete jerks to the guy, then posting it online thinking that others would be on your side of things.

From Buzzfeed:

A used car dealer in Massachusetts pays a pizza delivery guy $20 in one dollar bills on a $12 tab. The driver, thinking he received a decent tip, leaves only to have employees at the dealer call his manager and force him to return to pay them their change, sans any tip whatsoever.


Worse, they seem to think it’s funny and posted it. Check the blowhard at the end threatening to call and have the guy fired.


Yeah, this collection of jackasses really distinguished themselves with this behavior.

“It just doesn’t make sense why you would hand me a bill that you would have me drive back to give you anyway,” the pizza delivery man says in the video.

“Because I gave you everything they gave me so we would get the correct change,” the office worker wearing a blue shirt answers back.

The man in blue tells him that’s correct and the pizza delivery man leaves. Then all the office workers start laughing and making fun of him.

The video was picked up by users of the anonymous message board 4chan on Wednesday. Users then began pulling up personal information about the employees of the car dealership.

4chan users determined that the video was filmed at F&R Auto Sales in Westport, Massachusetts.

As you might imagine, the dealership's phone, Facebook page, and other social media have been inundated with angry responses.

To see some of the reactions and comments (some are very nasty), click here.

And, don't forget to tip.


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