Okay, so it's Tuesday and we're dealing with the second food product recall of the week. Yesterday, we filled you in on the recall of Home Run Inn frozen pizzas because of a high health risk involving potential pieces of metal.

Today, it's another contamination recall, this time involving cleaning solution.

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It's Not Lost On Me That Those Of You Who Do Your Best To Eat And Drink Healthy Probably Don't Ever Even Come Near A Capri Sun Or A Frozen Pizza

It's true that neither product really has a place in the world of healthy, balanced diets, but how many people do you know who never jump the curb and consume a few things that are bad for them now and again?

When our kids were small, it wasn't wildly unusual to find a few Capri Sun pouches in our refrigerator--but after taking some time to read up on the ingredients, my wife and I mutually decided that we could and should do better with what we were allowing our two offspring to clumsily shove a straw through.

As a side note, this article alone should be enough to convince you to do the same (careful, it's not for those with a weak stomach).

Living In Happy Place, Facebook
Living In Happy Place, Facebook

Here's The Information You Need To Make Sure You Stay Clear Of The Potentially Contaminated Capri Sun Pouches

According to a statement from Kraft-Heinz, the voluntary recall covers approximately 5,760 cases of Capri Sun Wild Cherry Flavored Juice Drink Blend beverages.

The voluntary recall comes after diluted cleaning solution, which is used on food processing equipment, was inadvertently introduced into a production line at one of our factories. Only the Wild Cherry flavored Capri Sun products are affected.

Capri Sun does not know where exactly the affected cases were shipped or who might have purchased them. The brand was able to narrow it down to cases labeled with an expiration date of June 25, 2023. If you have any of this product at home, you can return it for a refund, or just throw it out.

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