From the country that brought you curling and lacrosse (yes, okay, and ice hockey), may we introduce you to Marcel Landry of Prince Edward Island.

Marcel was bored (no hockey, curling, or lacrosse to be found on his TV), so he decided he would...well, try to find his car.

Most of us with that intention would simply step outside (or into the garage), look around for a second or two, then exclaim "There it is!" before heading back into the house.

Most of us are not dealing with eight or more feet of snow.

As winds blew with hurricane force and snow continued to fall Monday, a man in Summerside, P.E.I., decided the best way to his car was to dig a tunnel.


During the second day of a storm that dropped close to 90 centimetres of snow on P.E.I., Marcel Landry battled "cabin fever and boredom" by getting a start on shovelling.


Tunnelling, he figured, would allow him to begin the digging while staying out of the wind.


What's the plan now that he's found the car? Well, nothing actually. He can't move it from it's snowy grave. Not all is lost, though. He'll be able to watch a Hogan's Heroes marathon now with a bit more appreciation for the outstanding tunnel work done by the POWs.

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