If you're a user of Lyft and also love Taco Bell, by this time next year you can get Lyft to take you to Taco Bell before heading home after a night of partying.

WGN reports that Taco Bell is testing out something new for Lyft users. When you schedule a Lyft ride you can also program "Taco Mode" on your pick up. Basically, Lfyt will take you and "ride-thru" Taco Bell for some tacos, quesadillas, Mexican pizzas and more to satisfy your late night hunger.

Wow! That's kind of cool.

Right now they are testing this out in California but the company is going to expand it into other markets later this year and then go nationwide in 2018.

I mean being responsible after a night of partying and drinking and using Lyft is great. Now it's gonna get even sweeter, because you can make your late night after party food stop at Taco Bell before heading home.

Face it we all have been there. We need greasy food to absorb all the alcohol we've just consumed and what is typically open late? Yup, Taco Bell. Well that and McDonald's.

Hmmm, I wonder if McDonald's will jump on this option too with Lyft? Now that would make it even better.

Ok McDonald's if you do this, you better give me some credit for spearheading this idea. Maybe cheeseburgers and giant Cokes for life?


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