Riley & Scot talked with both GOP gubernatorial candidate Bruce Rauner and State Rep. Joe Sosnowski about the pension reform bill that now sits on the Governor's desk.

A quick post to recap our interviews fron Wednesday morning's show.  We talked with Bruce Rauner, who's been a vocal opponent of the pension deal.  He told us the bill does little to address the real problem:

It fixes almost nothing and unfortunately it puts real pension reform off the table for years.  We're just going to have a bigger problem down the road. It's a band-aid on an open wound. There's no way this is going to restore business confidence in our state.

Here's the audio from the full interview:

Meanwhile, State Rep. Joe Sosnowski voted 'no' on the proposal and told us he was discouraged by a change from the original bill that resulted in employees actually contributing 1-percentage point less to their pension fund:

While supporters say there will be $160 billion is savings, a lot of that is 'funny math.'  It's much less than that; probably about half....I think what we'll find is that it'll end up being less because of that swing and not having employees contributions actually increase.


Full audio here of our chat with State Rep. Joe Sosnowski:

We'll discuss the issue further on Thursday's show with State Treasurer and gubernatorial candidate Dan Rutherford

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