Summer weather has officially evacuated Illinois and with the wind, rain and chilly temps, we also get bugs, specifically Brown Marmorated Stink Bugs.

Eww, even just typing their full name grosses me out. But even their quick nickname, 'stink bug,' grosses me out and honestly not so much for the smell.

They drive me crazy because of the noise they make when they're flying around!

I personally have that thing where listening to certain noises makes me angry. You know, like the people who can't really handle hearing other people chew? That's me.

So sometimes with bugs, it's not the bites or smells or itchiness that bugs me, it's the little noises they make when they're flying around and when they hit things like overhead lights and fans and the like.

Stink bugs are VERY buzzy and they make a ton noise when they hit lights. I'm annoyed even typing that.

But, they're here to stay.... at least for now, according to NBC 5 Chicago,

How to Prevent Stink Bugs from... Stinking

If you're more nervous about the smell than the noise, NBC has some really good tips to get rid of the bugs without having to deal with that awful smell, including to vacuum them up and then drop them in soapy water.

Though I'm not really sure what you're supposed to do then... garbage disposal? Probably not. Please don't try that I have no reason to believe it's a good idea.

Have you had a big stink bug problem at your house this fall? What do you do to handle it?

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