Unfortunately for Joe Exotic, his brother never visited President Trump in the White House. 

Donald Trump pardoned 74 people and commuted the sentence of 70 others with just hours remaining in his presidency. You can sift through the list of notables here.

One of the names that jumped out to anyone that follows football, especially in Chicago, was Casey Urlacher.

I'm sure many went through the same mental process I did.

That's Brian's brother isn't it?

Why is he on the list?

Oh yeah, the whole gambling thing.

If you forgot about this story don't feel bad. It happened last May. Honestly, you'd be forgiven for forgetting anything that happened in 2020. Keeping up with that news cycle was next to impossible.

A quick refresher.

Casey was the Mayor of Mettawa, a small village in Lake County. He was one of a handful of people arrested for running a gambling operation that relied on offshore gambling websites. Casey was one of the people in charge of recruiting people and running cash.

He pleaded not guilty in May and was awaiting trial. If found guilty, and he likely would have, he was facing up to 10 years in a federal prison.

He is now a free man and is able to wash his hands of everything having to do with the gambling operation.

It should be noted that Casey was the only one of the several arrested to receive a pardon. None of the others involved had high-profile siblings make a visit to the White House. Doesn't exactly seem fair, but it is what it is.

I mentioned Joe Exotic at the top of this post. If you didn't follow any of that. Here's all you really need to know. Those around Joe thought for sure he was going to recieve a pardon and be released for jail. They had stylists on hand so Joe could look Exotic when he met with the press and even rented the most absurd limo you've ever seen.

The call for a pardon never did come for Joe Exotic. He has 21 years left on his sentence.

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