Just a quick reminder that Father Time remains undefeated.

I am 42 years old. I don't consider myself "old" yet but the reminders that I'm probably on the back nine of life are coming a lot more often these days.

The physical reminders are obviously there. I don't feel quite as good as I did in the past. Injuries take significantly longer to heal, if they ever do. Hangovers can last days instead of a few minutes. When someone says something happened 30 years ago, I have to remind myself that they're talking about the 90s and not the 70s.

And then you have social media dropping subtle reminders that you might be older than you feel with posts like this.

It was shocking to some mostly because this was the first time anyone has heard about Urlacher's child since he was awarded custody a few years back.

The math (obviously) works out. Urlacher has been retired for 10 years now and is 43 years old. There are a lot of 43-year-olds with kids in high school.

Urlacher's son Kennedy is only a sophomore at 16-years-old meaning Brian Urlacher had him at the very normal child rearing age of 27. We just always think of Urlacher as a 30-year-old physical freak instead of the middle aged man that he actually is.

There will be many moments like this for sport fans as they get older. You see kids of former players make their way to the majors or you'll see someone announce their retirement and you'll remember them playing in college. It can be quite the reality check.

There are currently three (3) professional athletes from the 4 main sports that I am currently older than and I'm not sure how I'll feel when these three retire.

  • Tom Brady - 44 years old - The goat tried to retire last year but then announced he will be coming back for another ride around the league.
  • Zdeno Chara - 44 years old - Chara currently plays for the New York Islanders and is still averaging about 20 minutes a game on the ice. This is reportedly his last year.
  • Joe Thornton - 42 years old - I'm only 3 weeks younger than Thornton and I'll take it. Thornton only played 30 games for the Panthers this year and appears to be hanging up the skates as well at the end of this season.

While it's true that you're only as young as you feel, life has a way of making sure you feel the youth pour from your soul.

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