Shoot The Puck is one of the most exciting "halftime exhibitions" in the city of Chicago. 

If you're unaware of how it works, here's the gist. The Blackhawks "randomly" choose three fans to participate. One is usually young or old, one is a guy who usually gets booed, and one is a woman who has usually "dressed to impress." Then they also usually have some sort of "celebrity" contestant. Then they all take turns shooting the puck from center ice, trying to get the puck through small holes set up in the goal.

That was the set-up for Saturday's Shoot The Puck contest. The celebrity that night was Ana Ivanovich (who was also "dressed to impress".)

Things started off well when the older lady sank her shot, right down the pipe. Then the other three contests followed suit by draining their shots.

This was a pretty impressive feat. It's rare that all the contestants hit the board in front of the goal, let alone make it through.

The senior member of the group showed it was no fluke when she drained her shot again in the second round and then was matched by the former tennis pro, Ivanovich.

The Hawks themselves only scored one goal that night. Maybe they should look to the crowd to find their next goal scorer.

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