Looks like a bunch of Philly fans invaded the United Center last night. 

[NOTE: There is no video of this incident yet, I'm just assuming we're dealing with a small child here because it's funnier.]

Man have the tables turned on Mitch Trubisky. He wasn't a fan favorite before this season but there was definite support for the Bears quarterback before this season. Now? Chicago fans are booing little kids in his name.

This honestly is on the parents. Little kids aren't objectively watching the game and probably aren't on Twitter to see the backlash. There are plenty of other guys on the team that you should be able to dress up as and not get boo'ed.

I would have gone with Eddie Pinero personally. He has the cool nickname Eddie "Dinero." You can just glue fake money on a Bears jersey and boom you're done. I just thought of that in 20 seconds and I don't even care about your kid.

I'm not saying we need to call DCFS on these parents but it should be a wake-up call.

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