Illinois absolutely knows the food game, and knows it well. The state is home to many delicious dishes. However, these are some out-of-state foods that Illinoisans deserve to experience and try! Or should be required to taste at least once.

Back in Iowa, where I'm from, we have so many delicious cookout foods and dishes. Some of these are my personal favorites, others I just grew up around because they're just a staple. Let's dig in!

Bizarre and Delicious Out-of-State Foods Illinoisans Need to Try

I'll go in order from my favorites to one I can't eat anymore haha!


Scotcheroos Chocolate and Butterscotch Dessert Bars
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I assumed everyone in the Midwest knew about this dessert, but apparently not! So many people I'd asked had never heard of these. They're so good, I could eat these til I get sick. It's Rice Krispies, peanut butter, butterscotch and chocolate goodness that literally melts in your mouth. Bad for you and full of sugar? Yes. Delicious and amazing? YES!! Not even kidding, everyone NEEDS to try this!

Snickers Salad

Snickers Salad
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It's gotta be healthy if the word 'salad' is in it, right? LOL! If this isn't brought to a cookout, I won't be there— end of story. There's many different ways to make this but the basic is chopped apples, chopped Snickers candy bars, vanilla pudding, Cool Whip and caramel. It's even better on a summer day! So so good I can't even explain, you've just gotta try it!

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Deep-Fried Butter on a Stick

Republican Candidates Campaign In Iowa Ahead Of Debate And Straw Poll
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This is an Iowa State Fair food. Yes, it's a thing. Yes, that's exactly what it looks like. It's not as bad as it looks, but I'm the type of person who will try anything once. Try it out, if you don't like it oh well! It's a food that is mainly an experience above anything else.

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Raisin Cream Pie

Raisin Cream Pie
culinary_slut Intagram

It was difficult to find a proper picture of what I'm used to seeing because I'm used to the kind that has more of a meringue on top. I wasn't a "fan" per-se, but this food reminds me of my Grandma. It's dense and sweet, but not overly sweet. It's hard to describe, but everyone needs to try because it's so wholesome and mainly found at local spots!

Ham Balls

Iowa Ham Balls with tomato sauce in bowl
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I don't eat meat anymore, so I sadly cannot indulge in this anymore which is why it's last. This meal has SO MANY ways you can make it. The basics are a ground ham and beef mix, some type of cracker, egg, milk and a glaze on top. Sometimes tomato, barbeque or pineapple glaze. Man though, the whole house smells AMAZING when these are made!

I've linked all the recipes to the titles of the foods if you wanna make or try them! Give em a whirl and tell me what you think!

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