A mom, her 25 year old son, and their dog Bo made their visit to the Eau Claire Walmart something that locals will remember for a long while.

A Wisconsin man and his mother face multiple charges after an incident at a local Walmart that involved nudity, theft and karate, police said.

When officers arrived at the Walmart, they found 46-year-old Lisa Smith screaming at the entrance and trying to catch her dog Bo, according to police. The woman’s son, 25-year-old Benny Vann, was also allegedly contributing to the chaos.

Sure, we get lots of stories that just involve nudity and theft, but when you work karate into the mix, you know you're getting into the weird stuff.

How weird? I'll just let the words of the Eau Claire Police Department explain:

In trying to figure out what happened, Officers learned Smith had come into Walmart with her unleashed Dog “Bo.” While Bo ran up to customers, Smith erratically started pulling apart store displays and placing them in her cart. She was asked to leave by staff and left the store to perform karate moves in the parking lot. In the meantime, Bo got a box of Jiffy Cornbread Muffin Mix and tried to leave the store. Smith was arrested and fought with officers — she also attempted to kick out a window on the squad car.

While this was occurring, Vann had made his way to the back of the store and removed all of his clothing exposing himself to other customers. Vann retrieved new clothing from the racks but did not purchase these items. When Officers approached Vann he refused to stop and attempted to run over an Officer with his scooter. Officers physically stopped the scooter and arrested Vann.

Smith faces charges of disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and misdemeanor bail jumping. Her son was arrested for lewd and lascivious behavior, disorderly conduct and retail theft. Police managed to catch Bo and brought him to the Humane Association.

Eau Claire Police wanted to make it clear that Bo the dog was not arrested, but rather given a warning over his muffin mix theft.

Eau Claire Police Department
Eau Claire Police Department

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