If you're not on Twitter, the Dixon Police Department's Twitter feed is a great reason to get on board.

In case you awakened this morning unaware, today is Columbus Day. It's also Indigenous Peoples Day. You'll see plenty of competing pieces trying to decide whether Christopher Columbus was great, not-so-great, awful, and/or the worst person who ever lived.

I'll leave it to you to decide.

However, regardless of how you feel about the man for whom the holiday is named, the fine men and women of the Dixon Police Department shared this tweet earlier today:

So, unless your 15th century Spanish is up-to-speed, I'd think twice about getting in trouble in the Dixon area.

Like every other police department, the Dixon cops have their hands full with all sorts of different things from the tragic to the comedic, but their social media people do find some time to share some amusing tweets:

Keep up the great work, Dixon PD!

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