If you already didn't like Philly fans this won't help. 

You've seen the clip a thousand times by now. Cody Parkey missed a playoff-game winning kick by bouncing it off not just the upright but the crossbar too. It was immediately referred to on social media as the "Double-Doink."

It was probably the most shocking loss I have ever experienced as a sports fan. There have been more upsetting losses but the gut-punch level of the double-doink was off the charts.

Then this billboard pops up in South Jersey, an Eagles territory, and the fresh scab that was forming over the new wound was instantly ripped off.

I'll fully admit that if I wasn't a fan of the Bears I would find this amusing. However, I am a Bears fan so now I will hate the Eagles for life. I don't make the rules, just play by them.

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