There are food challenges, and then there are FOOD CHALLENGES.

You don't have to look far here in Illinois, and to be honest, throughout the Midwest for various types of food challenges. They're everywhere, but some are decidedly more challenging than others are.

Here in Illinois, you've got food challenges that, if you finish them in the designated time allotted, will land you such glorious and exciting things like gift cards, t-shirts, and the ultimate---your photo on the restaurant's wall of fame.

You're going to tell me that those prizes aren't worth the potential for a food coma or an entire day (or more) spent in the bathroom at home? I didn't think so.

Randy Santel, Facebook
Okay, who's ready to take on those plates? (Randy Santel, Facebook)

You've Probably Heard The Expression "Go Big Or Go Home" Before, But To Take Part In This Particular Food Challenge, You'll Have To Leave Home And Go To Hortonville, Wisconsin

That's where you'll find what appears to be an absolutely fantastic place called the Black Otter Supper Club, a "Family-owned eatery with wood paneling specializing in steaks & fried seafood since 1972."

After thoroughly checking out their menu, I can safely say that I didn't find a single thing that I wouldn't order (it all looks so good), and the reviews for the Black Otter Supper Club are outstanding.

Well...there's maybe one thing that I wouldn't go for, not that it wouldn't be delicious. As Inspector Harry Callahan once pointed out, a man's got to know his limitations---and I think knocking back 160 ounces of prime rib at a single sitting is far beyond my limits.

Tonia Miske, Facebook
Think you can handle this? This guy can. (Tonia Miske, Facebook)
He's eating a little bit lighter. That's the 72-ounce prime rib.(Luke Waga, Facebook)
He's eating a little bit lighter. That's the 72-ounce prime rib.(Luke Waga, Facebook)

If You're Reading This While Asking Your Navigation System To Plot Out A Route To The Black Otter Supper Club In Hortonville, Wisconsin, Here's How The Challenge Works

I'm far from being an expert in food challenges, but I would think that step one would be refusing to eat any food whatsoever for 3 months before going to the Black Otter, just so you're good and hungry.

Here's what happens next, according to

Though such a large cut of steak may seem overwhelming, devouring one in a single setting will land you an Extremely Best t-shirt, named after the steak itself, a gift card for $20, and a photo on the restaurant wall to commemorate your accomplishment. If the 160-ounce prime rib seems a bit out of reach, you can also opt for the Super Cut. This steak weighs around 116 ounces, and it also lands you a spot on the wall as well as a t-shirt.

Words and photos only take you so far, so here's some video of how to take on a 160 ounce prime rib:

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