I would hope we've all had teachers who truly have made a difference in our lives. Those who have inspired us to learn, to study, to look at a subject in a different way. Those who have helped us achieve. I'm looking at you Mrs. Wiesinger, Mr. Noel, Mr. Nagis, and John Madormo.

However, you've got to be an exceptionally special teacher to donate a body part to one of your students. That's what is happening in Texas, where teacher Lindsey Painter is set to give one of her kidneys to a 1st grader:

Matthew Parker's kidneys started failing when he was just a few weeks old and after a transplant from a deceased person failed, his parents issued a plea for donors.

They were amazed when his teacher at Hoffmann Lane Elementary School in New Braunfels, Texas, turned out to be among the 1 percent of the population who would be a viable match, reports KSAT. The surgery is scheduled for next month.

Painter should be in line for a lifetime supply of apples after this. Here's more on the story from ABC:



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