Everywhere you look, you're seeing "Back to School" signs. Sure, that's your hint to get out and spend a full paycheck on school supplies, clothing, and accessories for your kid(s), but it also means you have just a short period of time to get out and be a tourist one more time before the summer comes to a close. Illinois has you covered.

Thanks to the search efforts of the good folks at OnlyInYourState, I'm happy to tell you that there are lots of options for a quick and entertaining look-around all within a few hours of home, especially the road-side stuff that doesn't require a lot of exploration to discover.

Places like:

Giant Catsup Bottle (Collinsville)-This giant catsup bottle is actually a water tower. It is 170 feet tall and was built in 1949.

Leaning Tower of Niles (Niles)-It is a half size replica of the tower in Pisa. It is 94 feet tall.

Gold Pyramid (Wadsworth)-This is a six story golden pyramid, even surrounded by a moat. It is thought to be the largest 24-karat gold-plated object in North America.

Gemini Giant (Wilmington)-Gemini Giant is a landmark statue on Route 66. He holds a rocket ship in his hands.

Lonely Planet Images, Getty Images

Hippie Memorial (Arcola)-This is the only hippie memorial. It is a whopping 62 feet long.

World’s Largest Wind Chime (Casey):

Superman Statue (Metropolis)-It's worth the drive way south to Metropolis, especially for their "Superman Festival" every year.

MCT, Getty Images

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