At one point, there were over 20 Bed Bath & Beyond stores here in the state of Illinois. However, given the heaps of bad news BB&B got toward the end of last year, that number is dwindling--as you can see with the addition of more stores to their list of Illinois locations about to be shuttered permanently.

This may not be the end, and BB&B may find a way to change their current fortunes, but it's not looking good at this early point in 2023. The company seems to have one foot in the grave, and the other on a banana peel.

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Which Leaves Us With The Question Of Whether Or Not BB&B Will Close All Of Their Stores, Including The Ones In Illinois, In The Near Future

At this point, that question is just hanging in the air, waiting for BB&B execs to make the call one way or another. Looking at some of the latest moves from BB&B's higher-ups, it's pretty safe to say that they won't be adding new stores any time soon.

Back in September of last year, BB&B closed 56 stores in multiple states. The plan, at the time, was to close a total of 150 stores and cut 20% of their workforce. Then, this month, they announced more stores would be closing. 62 BB&B stores in 30 states got their closing notices to welcome in 2023.

And, just last week, BB&B said their plans include cutting an additional $80-$100 million dollars from operations, along with "an unspecified number of layoffs."

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Let's Get To The BB&B Stores In Illinois That Are Closing Or Have Already Shut Their Doors

The initial closing announcement regarding BB&B's Illinois stores (20 in total at one time) had listed these locations:

  • 2056 North State Route 50, Bourbonnais
  • University Mall, 1265 E. Main Street, Carbondale
  • Market View Shopping Center, 63 E. Marketview Dr., Champaign
  • Fairview Center, 6611 N. Illinois, Fairview Heights
  • 6132 Grand Ave., Gurnee Mills Mall, Gurnee
  • 2850 Plainfield Road, Joliet
  • 915 East Golf Road, Schaumburg

These are the latest additions to the store closing roster:

  • 1419 N. Kingsbury St., Chicago
  • 5110 Broadway Street, Quincy
  • 413 Milwaukee Ave., Suite 300, Vernon Hills

Any bets on whether or not more Illinois stores find themselves added to the closing list? Here's an excellent breakdown of what the situation is at Bed Bath & Beyond:

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