Six Flags Great America is supposed to be a happy place for families. However, on Friday it seems the heat may have brought out the worst in a group as arrests were made after a fight broke out.

The Chicago Tribune reports that 2 arrests were made on Friday after a fight broke out.

Gurnee police were called to the amusement park in regards to "a disturbance at the park where a group of more than 15 females began using profanities and screaming."

Apparently, the fight was over a previous disagreement between two girls that then escalated into both women coming to blows when at the park.

When Great America security arrived on the scene they separated the two girls but then "other girls in the group began exchanging blows as the others scattered." 

Gurnee police arrested the two women and now the State's Attorney is reviewing the "incident to determine what charges to file."

Oddly enough this fight comes on a heels of almost a year ago when a family from Batavia was "attacked at Six Flags Great America after confronting a group for cutting in line and the group’s use of foul language. Police [then] took eight juveniles into custody."

According to the Lake and McHenry County Scanner, this fight and several other disturbances that happened on Friday caused the park to close an hour early.

This is what was caught on video from a bystander.

Warning this video contains profanity and violence:

Wow! Honestly, I know that heat can make people testy and seeing someone you're upset with can create your anger to boil, but seriously check yourself. You're at a place full of families and children and screaming obscenities and fighting isn't the answer.

That's really too bad and disappointing. I hate to see Great America get label as a place of violence because of people like this. I have a lot of happy memories going there with family and friends over the years. I even held a season pass for the last several years.





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