I'm always amazed by the number of stories we see coming across the desk involving unclaimed winning lottery tickets. I don't play the Lotto or Powerball or Mega Millions but if I did you can be sure I'd be checking every single day to see if I had won. Otherwise, what's the point?


For example, in Florida there's a $12 million Florida Lottery ticket that remains unclaimed. Just in case you've been to Tallahassee recently, it was for the June 28 drawing with winning numbers 12-16-23-33-46-50.

Meanwhile, in New York it’s been almost a year since a winning $1 million Powerball ticket was sold at a convenience store in Rockland County. The winner only has 17 more days until the jackpot disappears.

Heck, in New Mexico more than $3 million in Lottery winnings went unclaimed last fiscal year. Somebody got smart and built an app for that; just take a picture of your lottery ticket, and the app will scan it to see if it’s a winner.

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