They definitely didn't have this award when baseball started.

I was scrolling through Instagram yesterday when I ran across this photo that was posted by the Anthony Rizzo Family Foundation. Being a big Rizzo fan, I actually stopped to read the caption. Turns out Rizzo won some awards recently, and one of them was kind of weird.

Rizzo won awards for 'Best Defensive Play' and 'Best Social Media Personality.'

I actually won that weird social media award once, too. Two years ago in my family Fantasy Football league when I came in dead last, but manage to 'yell' at my players online for sucking.

So since Anthony Rizzo won the social media personality title, I thought we'd take a look at some of Rizzo's Instagram posts, including some early ones that only got like 300 likes... which is pretty low compared to his more recent posts.

Like this one from 2013, before Rizzo's brother got married.

Maybe he won the award because he doesn't know how to untangle Christmas lights.

Noodles and bread really are the key to winning a social media award. This is possibly the most delicious photo he's ever taken.

But I'm sure his award has more to do with his bromance with Kris Bryant than noodles.

In all seriousness, Rizzo is a really great Cubs brand ambassador on social media, which is probably why he won that award, though I still think it's a funny combo to win alongside 'best defensive play.'

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