The rough week for the Cubs and their fans just got a little rougher.

It all started on Monday when Jed Hoyer went on a few Chicago radio stations to explain the moves he made at the trade deadline that saw core players and team favorites, Rizzo, Kris Bryant, and Javy Baez all get traded to other teams before they reach free agency in the off season.

You can read the money part of the interviews here:

And this is probably the best pull from those paragraphs:

I don't know why guys didn't wanna sign (or) counter offer sometimes. 'Cus every one of these guys would say they wanted to stay in Chicago, "we wanna be a Cub" but when we sat down to do negotiations that wasn't how they acted.

Then came the required from Anthony Rizzo when he did his radio hit in Chicago Tuesday morning.

Sounds like... a bad breakup, and the person saying that they're fine when they're not fine but I mean- listen you have... (heavy exhale) when it comes to the guys on our team, what we did and uh... gold glove, silver slugger, MVPs, rookie of the years, um, good people. Those things cost money, and I know it comes down to a business and when you want your cake and you wanna eat it to..

(NOTE: I'm not sure if Rizzo is still going to honor his weekly spot on ESPN 1000. If he didn't have to go on but still did speaks volumes to his character.)

That does not sound like a guy that left on great terms. It also sounds like a guy that's frustrated with the whole situation, which is exactly where pretty much all Cub fans are right now.

This is not how they wanted the Cubs run to end, even though all of them knew it had to end sometime. This core played a legendary season in 2016 and was filled with high, HIGH character guys that meant a lot to the city they played in. Any separation was going to be difficult, it just hopefully won't last too long.

Personally, I'm lucky enough to have two parents that have been married for about 50 years but I have to imagine that this is somewhat similar to what kids feel when their parents divorce. You still want to love all the parties involved and just don't want them to fight anymore.

Rizzo comes to town next weekend to play the White Sox as a member of the Yankees, It'll be interesting to see what questions the media has cooked up by then.

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