Anthony Rizzo is the longest tenured Chicago Cub so it's his duty to treat the rest of the team like his little brothers.

If you have any younger siblings like I do then you know the inherent joy you can find in innocently ticking off your brother or sister. You've been around the block a few times and know just the right buttons to press.

This is exactly what's going on with Rizzo and Bryant here. Obviously Rizzo has done this before and Bryant probably disgustedly pushed his hand away. This is no different than when you put your finger an inch away from your little sister's nose and inform her that you're technically not touching her.

If my experience is any indication the next play for Kris Bryant is to go tell on Rizzo to either Joe Maddon or Theo. It all depends on who he thinks will ground Rizzo for the longer time.

I think I may be getting too deep into this analogy but you get the point.

Either way it's awesome seeing these guys have fun together. This is such a fun team to root for.

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