On December 22nd of last year, the United States Census Bureau released estimates that show a record-number totaling 141,656 Illinois residents made the decision to relocate to other states in the time period of July of 2021 through July of 2022.

In case you haven't been keeping track (it can be somewhat depressing watching all those taillights at the border), 2022 marks the 9th straight year that Illinois has lost population. That's the 2nd longest streak in the country, according to IllinoisPolicy.org.

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The Only State That Has Been Losing Population Longer Than Illinois Is West Virginia, Which Is In Its Tenth Year Of Hemorrhaging Citizens

Here in our neck of the woods, the Midwest, all of Illinois' neighboring states are gaining in population except Iowa and Michigan. But even their population losses pale in comparison to the Illinois exodus.


Iowa and Michigan also lost residents to other states, but at a far slower rate than Illinois. Illinois is losing residents at a rate more than 13 times faster than Michigan and nearly five times as fast as Iowa.

In total, Michigan lost 8,482 residents and Iowa lost 7,292 residents because of domestic outmigration in 2022. Meanwhile, Illinois lost 141,656 residents to other states.

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When Asked Why They Left Illinois, More People Gave This One-Word Answer Than Any Other

That one-word answer is not weather. The word former Illinois residents used more than any other to describe why they bolted out of the Land of Lincoln was taxes.

Before wrapping this up, here's something for those who might be wondering what states are luring the most people inside their borders. According to United Van Lines’ 46th annual National Movers Study, these are the top ten states that people are moving to, not from:

    1. Vermont
    2. Oregon
    3. Rhode Island
    4. South Carolina
    5. Delaware
    6. North Carolina
    7. Washington, D.C.
    8. South Dakota
    9. New Mexico
    10. Alabama

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