Year-round golfing is coming to the Indoor Sports Center.

MyStateline -  The next addition to its revenue stream will be four 'Full Swing' golf simulators.
There are high-speed cameras on the simulators that will provide all sorts of analytical information such as spin rate and launch angles. The simulators will also offer 84 world-class golf courses to play on including Pebble Beach and Pinehurst #2.

It's too bad these aren't already up and operational because with all the rain this week, this would have been the perfect time to try out some indoor golf.

These look pretty awesome. I know we used to have a "virtual" golf place in town but this looks like a whole different ballgame.

They won't be ready to go until later in the summer or early fall but I'm sure they'll be a popular destination once they're working.

Honestly, the main reason I wrote this blog was to bring up what I really want to come to town, a Top Golf.

If you're not familiar with Top Golf, here's the promotional video.

I think this would absolutely kill in the area. The closest one is about 2 hours away. There's plenty of land out there by Showplace 16. Let's get this done, people.

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