I mean that's basically all we need for the rest of Matt Nagy's tenure.

I'm writing this at 9:35 central standard time on December 20th, 2021. The Bears are currently being embarrassed on national television by the Minnesota Vikings. It's the 4th quarter and the Bears are trailing 17-3.

They could very easily come back and win this one, but we all know they won't.

We know that this game means nothing. Hopefully Matt Nagy will be gone after the season and nothing that happens during Monday night's contest will change that.

Not even the entire sporting word laughing at you for the 4th and 1 attempt you just failed at on national television.

Seriously, the nicer tweets I've seen tonight regarding this Bears team.

Full disclosure. I was supposed to go to this game tonight. My friend down at 96.7 The Eagle, Double T, has season tickets and invited me and our mutual friend, Tom Leu, to go to the game.

Tom is a big Vikings fan, it stems from his youth when he was a big Fran Tarkenton fan. It never faded and he's a disappointed fan to this day.

As I'm typing this, the Bears are trying to make a game of this, just showing that the NFL knows how to make a watchable spectacle out of anything.

Anyway. No matter what happens at the end of this Bears Vikings Monday night matchup, remember that this fan has the most crystal clear vision of this Bears franchise:

After further review: we suck!

A truer sentence has never  been spoken.

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