Aaron Rodgers is doing his best to seem likable and it might be starting to work. 

The Green Bay Packers QB started his two-week stint as a fill-in host for Jeopardy after long-time host Alex Trebek passed away earlier this season. It wasn't Rodgers first time on the game show. He was on the show back in 2015 for their Celebrity Jeopardy! week and wound up winning the $50,000 grand prize for charity.

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Back to Rodgers.

His turn hosting was going well and then the above interaction happened during final Jeopardy.

The field goal in question happened during Green Bay's loss to Tampa Bay in this year's playoffs. The Packers had the ball on the 8-yard-line on a 4th and goal situation and head coach Matt LaFleur decided to kick a field goal and hope to get the ball back instead of trusting his Hall of Fame quarterback to punch it in and tie up the ball game.

Green Bay's kicker Mason Crosby would hit the field goal to cut it to a 5 point deficit, but Tom Brady and the Buccaneers never gave the ball back to Green Bay and 3 weeks later Brady and Gronk were playing catch with the Lombardi trophy between two boats off the coast of Florida.

Rodgers handled the situation just about as well as he could have. He obviously would have liked a chance to tie up an NFC Championship game but didn't exactly throw his coach under the bus.

Rodgers will continue to host Jeopardy through next week.

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