What does it mean to be "underrated" as a city, I'm not exactly sure, but one website claims they found the most underrated city in the Land of Lincoln and they make a pretty great case for why we should all check it out!

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According to the website prevention.com, Peoria is the most underrated city here in Illinois, the site compiled a list of the most underrated cities in each state with the goal of giving you some inspiration in planning your next trip. So what about Peoria makes it the most underrated city in Illinois? Well, on the site they say...

"Just a couple of hours away from the bustle of Chicago, Peoria couldn’t be more different in terms of its pace and vibe. Nature lovers will appreciate the Luthy Botanical Garden as well as the Wildlife Prairie Park, where you can check out native bison, cougars, and bears. But those seeking out the culture of a big city can still get their fix at the Peoria Riverfront Museum."

For our listeners across the river in Missouri, the list says that Lake Ozark is the most underrated in Missouri, which seems odd because it is so wildly popular, but to see all the cities on this list just click here!

I will say that I have lived in Illinois my whole life and never spent real time in Peoria, but this website makes a pretty convincing case that it is worth checking out, they also say the must-do thing in Peoria is the sculpture garden at the Peoria Riverfront Museum. So what are your thoughts on Peoria is it underrated? Should I be planning a long weekend to check out everything it has to offer?

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