I'm happy to confess to being a lucky man. I'm lucky enough to be ridiculously happily married to Amy for almost 23 years. I come from a long line of lucky men. My grandfather, Bant, was married to my grandmother, Jenny, for almost 61 years. My own parents, married in the early days of WWII, found their marriage had been annulled not once, but twice. First by her dad, then by his. It really didn't matter though. They renewed their vows, and stuck together for the next 65 years. They even passed away within months of one another.

I always loved hearing both my grandparents and parents talk about how they met, how their courtship went, and all the various stories that made them the people they were.

I'll admit to a lump in my throat a couple of times as I watched the couple below tell the story of how they got together. Take a look, and see if they remind you of anyone you may know. Happy Valentine's Day.

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