Some people love hanging out in cemeteries due to their history and legends, but I am absolutely not one of those people...I'm way too big of a wimp.

I totally get that cemeteries and the stories their headstones tell can be extremely fascinating, but it's the tales of hauntings and spirits that totally send me running. Stories just like these about the Aux Sable Cemetery in Minooka, Illinois.

According to, Aux Sable Cemetery is;

rumored to be haunted by a young female apparition that likes to play pranks on those who visit.


Some who have been to this remote and haunted cemetery have reported their electric car windows lowering all by themselves or manual car locks locking by themselves.


Mysterious fires and mists have also supposedly been witnessed at this cemetery. Those who tell the tales also swear there is a tunnel beneath the caretaker's building.

Nope, nope, and nope.

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After wrote about this haunted cemetery in Illinois they posted it on the Only In Illinois Facebook page, and that's when all the believers chimed in with their own terrifying experiences at Aux Sable Cemetery. Here's the most terrifying one I saw:

Tiffany Smith said: "I've actually been to this one. We approached the tomb and the door was open and it looked like another door inside was swinging open to close. We got scared and left. Came back during the day and went into the tomb there is no second door 😱. Also we had taken several photos. Cought tons of orbs and what looked like a man dressed as a cowboy leaning up on a tree. Theres a all tree and a hill with more headstones on it no matter what camera we used if we took photos in that area they all always came out black with no image.

Are you brave enough to check out the Aux Sable Cemetery for yourself? It's located on Brown Road in Minooka, IL ...good luck.

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