The other night, my wife Amy and I were talking about bucket lists. I've gotten to do a few things on my list, but I have a few remaining. I'd love to see the pyramids, walk on the Great Wall of China, and take part in a Chicago Cubs World Series victory celebration (save your snide comments, Sox fans). Amy didn't have a big list. As a matter of fact, the only entry on her list that I can recall is: seeing the Northern Lights/Aurora Borealis up close and personal.

I wonder if, by up close and personal, she means what Spanish acrobatic paraglider pilot Horacio Llorens did just a few days ago. He had to deal with sub-zero temperatures near Tromso, Norway, but, with the aid of a wetsuit and battery-powered, heated gloves, he flew up into the Norwegian skies for an absolutely amazing view.

I've been lucky enough to travel to Tromso to see the Aurora Borealis, but being afraid of heights, I got my viewing in from the railing of a local pub that serves an awesome reindeer steak, and plenty of Aquavit to keep you warm.

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