Of course, it involves Javy Baez. 

This play is going to be in highlight reels for as long as there are highlight reels.

There have been a lot of dumb plays in the history of baseball. Here is a 12-minute video of some of the dumbest.

A lot of those are dumb mistakes or something like not understanding the infield fly rule.

This play is just one of the biggest brain farts I've ever seen. The bonehead in question is Will Craig. The Pirates 26-year-old first baseman. To his minimum credit, the throw from the first baseman did pull him slightly off the bag. Here is the scene when Craig catches the throw and turns to see Javy.

Second base

All Craig needs to do is turn around, touch first base, and the inning is over. Instead, he tries to apply the tag to Javy. What Craig soon realizes is that trying to put a glove on Javy is like trying to push two magnets together the wrong way. Javy wasn't having it and retreated.

The other very bad decision Craig made was having any concern at all for Contreras running the bases. As long as Javy doesn't reach first base, Willson can cross home plate, go back to the dugout, get his catcher's gear back on, and if he eventually gets Javy out, the run won't count.

Even at this point.

Home plate

They just need to tag him and the inning is over.

Then to rub salt in the wounds Javy scurries to second on the errant throw to first and eventually comes around to score.

Literally, the dumbest and most amazing thing I've seen in a Major League game.

The internet was pretty excited.

And finally:


The Pirates are a bad baseball team that has lost 5, soon to be 6, straight games and your opponent is openly laughing at you. Low times for the Buccos.

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