Many people might be taking an Uber for the first time over St. Patrick's day. 

If you've never taken one before or don't know the proper etiquette, take a lesson from Reddit user dvaunr, who drives an Uber in Chicago. This could save you some embarrassment.

Please people. Look at the license plate before you get into the car. They give you this information for your safety! Once you’re in, confirm the driver’s name to be sure. Again, they give you this for your safety!

And also, when the driver says a name, don’t just say yes. I’ve had this happen too. Luckily I also always confirm the location of where they’re going and catch it before it’s too late. But seriously. Pay attention to the cars license plate, confirm the drivers name, and don’t just say yes to whatever the driver says.

And this goes for everyone. I’ve seen it talked about before that it’s always young women that do this. That is not true. I’ve had everyone, young women, old men, and everyone in between do this. It takes just a few extra seconds to confirm everything but it is worth it.

I'll admit that I've rushed into an Uber before checking everything out. Luckily I never was taken to a strange destination.

If you're going out this St. Patrick's Day weekend, you should totally take advantage of the Uber program in Rockford. Just make sure you're not taking someone else's.

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