As a small boy, my best friend was my dog. We didn't have a cat (my mom despised felines for some reason), we didn't have fish, and quite frankly, I didn't even know that chickens were an option.

Things are different for young Mason, the boy in the video below. It seems that Mason has a great relationship with "Love Bird," a chicken on the family farm.

However, it seems that Love Bird has a little trouble recognizing Mason, especially since Mason just came home after getting a haircut.

The bird ducks away from Mason's first attempt at a hug, but quickly realizes that this is still his buddy (albeit much better groomed), and comes right back in for a really sweet moment.

Here we see how Love Bird reacts to Mason before the haircut:

And, helping with Mason's homework:

God forbid it should happen, but...if Mason were to find himself trapped in an abandoned well (like Timmy often did on the TV show "Lassie"), I believe this chicken would go for help.

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