Group texts can be a wild place.

The main group chat I have is between 7 friends. 5 of us are pretty active on it, 2 of the guys chime in occasionally, but I would conservatively guess that we exchange about 15 messages a day on the chat, but sometimes that number can easily break triple digits.

Lately, there has been the daily Wordle updates. We've enacted a golf scoring system; 4 guesses is par, 3 birdie, 5 bogey, etc. and have weekly tournaments. Random sports thoughts, event planning, and just general "dude" stuff is what usually passes for our daily banter.

However, on Valentine's Day, we had a new type of chat enter the conversation. It was the "I can't figure out my kid's homework, can anyone help" type conversation that doesn't usually enter the group chat. Mostly because the oldest child in our friend group is about 10 years old and most of us can still handle elementary school homework.

Until this week that is.

NOTE: I could be wildly off on the 10 years old part. They're all at least not in high school yet, I don't pay too close attention to how old my friend's kids are.

My buddy Adrian texted us this picture with the note. Max brought this home. There's no answer key, and I have no idea what the empty slots could be.


To be honest, I felt kind of dumb and pretty old when I went through this list. Dumb for not being able to figure out the homework of a second grader (or thereabouts) and old when I realized that this is the language of emojis, a language that I'm nowhere near fluent in.

These aren't the good old rebuses that we used to do in school. These were emojis.

After some back and forth on the text chain we think we finally figured it out. Scroll down, if you want to see our guesses.


















Proposed answers:

  • 4 - Fall In Love - This was the hardest one for us, major props to our friend Romer for figuring it out.
  • 8 - Love Story
  • 9 - Love Song
  • 10 - Date Night
  • 11 - Romance Movie - We're not sold on this one but it makes sense
  • 14 - Sweet heart

Did you get the missing answers? Were they as hard as we thought they were? Is this what having kids is about? Just slowly feeling more and more out of touch? Sounds like a blast.

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