Rockford has a lot of great things to look at, but there's also plenty of places to look at, and glance back at in wonder - doing a double take.

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    The Symbol

    Every time you drive by it's hard not to look twice and think "is it orange or red." No one will ever know.

  • Rob Carroll, Townsquare Media

    Rockford Population Signs

    If you drive across town and pass two populations sign you might notice the signs have different numbers.

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    This Misspelled Tattoo Sign

    The sign at the tattoo place near State Street and Alpine Road may be fixed now but we all know it was wrong for a really long time.

  • Rob Carroll, Townsquare Media

    Downtown Sculpture

    I don't even need to describe the sculpture in from of Irish Rose.

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    This Bar in Cherry Valley

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    Rockford's Broken Clock

    If you're driving on I-90 and you look east near State Street you're like to look at the clock twice - and then at your radio to see the accurate time. That would be distracted driving, no?