For the life of me,  I can't figure out who would want these things. You might still be able to pickup these freebies off of Craigslist if you hurry.


Rocks For Sale
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Let's call it what it is, a driveway. There is no way those are "landscaping" rocks. That is a redneck driveway that someone is trying to get rid of without doing any physical work. Regardless, if you need some rocks take a trip to Forreston.


Image via Craigslist

Nope, there's no photo and I wouldn't include it if there was. Actually, that's crap... I'd include it. But someone up in Broadhead has a bunch bull crap and pig poo for you. No word on if it's contained or sporadically scattered around a field.

A Wooden Decoration(?)

Wooden Critter
Image via Craigslist

I'm not sure what "Little Critters" is, but my eight-year-old doesn't either so I assume it has nothing to do with Minecraft or Roblox. But, hey, if your kid is into this... thing... it's free in Rockford.

Finally, the thing that blew my mind more than the free poo.

Somewhat Sad Tomato Plants

Sad Tomato Plants
Image via Craigslist

Well, at least the headline was mostly honest. I'm no expert but I would call these "dead tomato plants." Either way, if you want them go get them. Something tells me they aren't a hot commodity.

If you find something strange on Rockford Craigslist don't forget to send it to me.

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